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  EastPointe Hospital
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EastPointe Hospital

Providing psychiatric services to adults

EastPointe Hospital

EastPointe Hospital is a private, free-standing psychiatric hospital for adults located in Daphne, Ala. Operated by AltaPointe Health Systems, EastPointe’s clinical and medical professionals assess and evaluate adults in psychiatric crisis. Treatment focuses on stabilizing psychiatric symptoms and preventing psychiatric commitment.

Adults admitted to EastPointe will have exhibited life-threatening, destructive or disabling behavior or symptoms. Each patient completes a psychiatric diagnostic evaluationand receives 24-hour clinical care for an estimated thee-to-seven-day stay. The goal is for each patient to return to home or to the least restrictive level of care as quickly as possible and to follow a comprehensive aftercare plan upon discharge.

EastPointe provides care to patients admitted involuntarily in a special 18-bed unit. After evaluation, professional staff will make a recommendation to the probate court of record regarding the patient’s need for involuntary commitment or treatment in a less restrictive setting.

Patients admitted voluntarily receive treatment in a separate designated unit.

AltaPointe's attractive and high-tech EastPointe Hospital erases institutional stereotypes typically related to psychiatric facilities. Calming colors and pattern, engaging artwork and aesthetically appealing furnishings work together to promote a non-institutional feeling throughout the building. Priority consideration was devoted to safety, security and the use of technology to provide exceptional services to each patient. Extensive landscaping and the front entry bring the first impression to a human scale and feel welcoming.

EastPointe is licensed by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Is EastPointe a new hospital?
Though EastPointe is a new hospital, the building is not new. It was constructed in 1986 by Bradford Healthcare facility. The Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) purchased it many years later. ADMH operated the Searcy State Hospital’s assessment center in the early 90s. It was known as the Emmett Poundstone mental health facility at that time. Later, it became home to the Albert P. Brewer Developmental Center when the facility of that same name moved there from Mobile in the late 90s. ADMH vacated the building in 2004. The Shoulder, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation organization used a portion of the building from 2005 to 2012.

EastPointe Hospital Courtyard  
Nurse's Station at EastPointe Adult Inpatient Hospital
Nature plays prominently in the hospital's design as a natural calming and healing resource. This landscaped courtyard provides natural light and soothing views. The nurse's stations are designed for maximum visibility and staff connection with the patients.
E-signage is installed at each station.


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