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BayPointe Children's Hospital & Residential Services, a division of AltaPointe Health Systems, opened its doors in 2002. In times of crisis, residents of South Alabama have turned to AltaPointe for comprehensive treatment and recovery since 1957.

BayPointe Children's Hospital & Residential Services
BayPointe Children's Hospital & Children’s Residential Services facility operates two distinct inpatient programs. Children and adolescents experiencing severe emotional or behavioral disturbances receive intensive treatment in our children's residential services program. Children and adolescents experiencing psychiatric crisis receive acute care in our children's hospital. BayPointe Children’s Hospital opened its doors in 2002, is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the Alabama Department of Public Health. It is a division of AltaPointe Health Systems, the largest psychiatric and behavioral healthcare provider in Alabama. In addition to BayPointe, AltaPointe offers a comprehensive continuum of care for children and adolescents including outpatient, day treatment, residential and transitional age programs, all of which are tracked and monitored through electronic medical records. AltaPointe has provided care since 1957, operating as Mobile Mental Health Center until it was renamed in 2007.

BayPointe is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the Alabama Department of Public Health. In addition, its children's residential treatment program is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health. BayPointe is a provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid, ALL Kids and most commercial insurance carriers. Business hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. BayPointe’s qualified staff provides supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

BayPointe provides the highest level of care
Caring for children in crisis
Watching a child suffer from a mental health crisis is one of the toughest experiences a parent can encounter. The first priority is for the child to receive treatment that will alleviate the acute symptoms as swiftly as possible. Our goal at BayPointe Children’s Hospital is to provide the highest quality of care to all our patients so they can return safely and successfully to the community.

Admission to BayPointe is indicated when a child or adolescent behaves in a life-threatening, destructive or disabling way that requires 24-hour monitoring and assessment. Our specially-trained professionals assess, treat and connect parent and child to resources that will help stabilize a child’s psychiatric symptoms.

BayPointe’s acute hospital unit provides a caring and secure environment where children aged 5 to 18 years receive the brief stabilization they need in a time of crisis. The average length of stay at BayPointe is 3-14 days.

What to expect after admission
After a child is admitted to BayPointe, our professionals conduct a psychiatric evaluation and medication assessment. In addition, they provide individual, group and family therapy, which helps both parent and child manage issues related to the
child’s behaviors, medication needs or symptoms. Every child follows an age-appropriate therapeutic program schedule.

It is important for parents to remember that their child’s stay is intended to stabilize them while they are in crisis. A stay at BayPointe may be critical to their child’s treatment, but it is only one part of the recovery process. In addition, we help parents and children learn to identify and develop effective coping skills if symptoms worsen. BayPointe’s individualized treatment plans promote each child’s maximum level of functioning.

Once a child has been stabilized, our team designs a comprehensive aftercare plan for the family to follow. The focus is to return children to their homes or to the least restrictive level of care as quickly as possible.

Referrals & Admission Protocol
When a child or adolescent in your care is an immediate risk of danger to self and/or others, please call AltaPointe’s Access to Care Department at (251) 450-2211.

Our Treatment Team
We are proud of our experienced and well-trained BayPointe treatment team, many of whom are long-term staff members.
The following provides a list of the treatment team members’ titles as well as descriptions of their roles:

Attending Psychiatrist – Each child meets with a psychiatrist face-to-face within 24 hours of admission for an initial psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatrist conducts daily rounds.

Therapists – A master’s level professional works with each child to develop a plan of care that best meets individual treatment needs. The therapist facilitates individual, family and group therapy.

Nursing Staff – The hospital is staffed around the clock by registered nurses who provide prescribed medications and continually assess each child’s physical and psychological needs. Nurses also conduct daily nurse education groups.

Recreational Aides – Recreational staff members provide therapeutic outlets through creativity and social interactions to help
patients increase coping skills.

Educational Liaison – The liaison contacts each child’s school counselor to obtain current classwork and to ensure that each child remains on task with assignments while at BayPointe.

Behavioral Staff – BayPointe’s behavioral staff members are present on the unit at all times, oversee many of the daily groups and provide supervision, support and protective oversight.

Ensuring the best care
At BayPointe, we want to make sure each child receives the best possible care. Trust and respect between each patient and the people who give that care is imperative. Abiding by the following guidelines will enhance the benefits of a patient’s hospital stay.

Guidelines for Behavior
1. Respect personal boundaries of both staff members and peers. Actions such as, hugs, close sitting, touching, combing hair, etc., must not occur.
2. Refrain from sharing food, personal items or clothing.
3. Use individual, positive coping skills to avoid negative behaviors.
4. Use writing tools only in the common areas. Staff members must monitor their use to ensure safety.
5. Complete morning chores, such as making bed, cleaning personal bedroom and putting away hygiene products before
breakfast each day.
6. Use designated phone times to contact approved individuals on the patient’s phone list.
7. Ask a staff member’s permission before leaving an assigned area.
8. Participate in all groups and daily activities.
9. Dress neatly and appropriately. Hooded jackets and/or sweatshirts are not permitted.



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